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Cedar Blind Specialists; The Window Blinds Niche-Experts

Wednesday 14 September 2016, 12:24PM
By Cedar Blinds Specialists


Deciding what type of window blinds to install in your home or office can seem easy at first.

However, when the extreme weather makes it way to your personal space and disrupts your comfort and focus — you know something’s wrong.

There are various kinds of blinds to choose from, but each one can either be advantageous or ineffective depending on your location.

For that reason, you want niche-dedicated experts like Cedar Blind Specialists to help you determine the correct window protection and proportions.

A Balance of Aesthetics and Purpose

Most inexperienced homeowners and designers make the mistake of only considering the aesthetic value of housing elements and forget all about their practicality. Therefore, even if you have grand faux wooden blinds in your living room, it can be inadequate in protecting your home from cold because it’s a window blind made to dissipate summer heat.

Before you make any further decisions regarding your ideal sunscreen blind design, material, and function, it’s always a great idea to know what would actually work for your situation first.

Hanging, Sliding, and Retracting Options

Despite the caveat of mismatching the function of an appealing window blind, it’s still possible to have something that looks fantastic and classic while being genuinely useful. Cedar Blind Specialists offers a complete line of window options, which includes:

Cedar Roller Blinds: made of real Canadian slats and come in either 46mm or 60mm sizes. Each blind is UV-coated and carefully selected for grain and colour consistency and ensure a top quality finish.

• Sunscreen Blinds: blocks 95% of the sun’s rays, to protect people inside the property along with the carpets, curtains, and furniture from premature fading and discolouration.

• Roller/ Blackout Blinds: Unlike traditional blinds, these can be raised or lowered effortlessly by either a spring-operated control, sidewinder, or automated controls complete with remote control.

• Shutters:  ideal for kitchens and baths, and in homes around the concept of modern convenience.

• Fauxwood Blinds: also known as ‘plaswood’, faux wood blinds are made of polyvinyl chloride or PVC which makes them strong, lightweight, and durable serving as an alternative to natural wood.

• Vertical Venetian Blinds: comes with 180-degree pivoting that ensures maximum control over direct sunlight while still allowing enough to light up your room.

Cedar Blind Specialists has been in the industry of manufacturing window blinds for over 15 years. They provide practical solution and protection for properties all over Auckland.

Contact Cedar Blind Specialists through enquiry form or call 0800 276 1200 for more information.