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WheyCartel Launches New Pure Whey Isolate Protein On Monthly Subscription

Tuesday 20 December 2016, 10:24AM
By Contento

WheyCartel has recently launched a new monthly subscription service for it's Pure Whey Isolate. The Pure Whey Isolate is the worlds highest quality protein isolate at 97% protein and sourced from grassfed free range New Zealand cows.

WheyCartel was started after the founders Rab Heath and Nelson Shaw became frustrated with the current protein products on the market. Finding that they often had no emphasis on high protein content and were instead composed of unhealthly ingredients like sugar, they decided to create their own Pure Whey Isolate. 

As a testament to the quality of WheyCartel over competing products, it uses only high quality and recyclable components. The use of a metal scoop over the standard plastic scoop, as well as the innovative use of a money clip to seal the powder creates a different experience to the customer.

WheyCartel is available as a monthly subscription. Customers can choose the quantity of protein they want delivered each month, either 1, 2 or 3kg. The no strings attached approach allows customers to customise for flexible delivery. They can pause, unpause and cancel their subscription at any time. Each delivery is personalised to the customer who ordered. Without giving the surprise away, it's fair to say people are delighted when they open a WheyCartel box!

WheyCartel is available in New Zealand, as well as Australia, Canada, United States and UK. For more information, visit the website at