A better sleep has arrived in New Zealand with the launch of Snooze

Wednesday 21 December 2016, 2:01PM
By Undertow Media

Successful Australian bedding and bedroom furniture retailer Snooze has crossed the ditch with the launch of its first New Zealand store at Sylvia Park in November and with another site opened in Albany earlier this week.

Established in 1974 with an aim to simplify bed buying and promise a good night’s sleep, Snooze has more than 80 stores in Australia today and is expanding its footprint to capitalise on strong demand in the New Zealand market.

Snooze is employing a store-within-a-store strategy for its initial launch in New Zealand, stocking a limited, mattress-only range within Freedom Furniture’s Sylvia Park and Albany stores. The company now has plans for standalone stores to roll out across 2017.

Snooze’s point of difference, and the key to its success across the Tasman, is the Snooze Profiler. A first of its kind in New Zealand, this simple 3-step system is built to take the guesswork out of buying a mattress.

The Snooze Profiler first asks a series of questions about your preferred mattress size, budget and desired level of softness and support. Customers can then lie down on the Snooze Profiler mattress, which takes various measurements that identify a selection of mattresses that will suit individual needs and preferences (be it size, feel, support or a mixture of all three). Lastly, customers receive a printed report detailing their reading and are able to try out test mattresses to experience how each mattress feels.

Its most compelling feature is that couples with different mattress requirements can also sleep easy with Snooze’s offer, as customised mattresses can be designed and made to order for each partner’s comfort level and sleep preferences.

Kiwi consumers will be excited to sleep on Snooze’s mattress range, with household-name brands Sealy, Slumberland, Madison and Tempur stocked. From entry level mattresses that provide great value to premium, luxurious offerings, the mattress range at Snooze has an option to suit every budget.

Debbie Ridling, Managing Director for Snooze NZ and Freedom NZ, says the brand is thrilled to be entering the New Zealand market.

“The furniture and home market is booming in New Zealand, so making the move across the ditch was the natural next step for Snooze after a number of highly successful years in Australia.

“Getting a proper night’s sleep is incredibly important for our health. A good mattress that’s right for you can make the difference between a sound, healthy sleep and waking up feeling like you haven’t slept at all, which is why we’re very excited to introduce the Snooze Profiler to New Zealanders,” says Debbie.

“We are thrilled to open our second store in Albany this week, following the same store-within-a-store concept that can be seen at Sylvia Park. We then plan to open full, standalone Snooze stores in early 2017 and ongoing, which will offer Snooze’s complete range of bedroom furniture, accessories and linen alongside its mattress range.”

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