Top Selling Car Model and Auto Accessories in New Zealand, 2016

Wednesday 28 December 2016, 10:47PM
By Acker Bilt Ltd


Kiwis are car lovers, and the record-breaking sales of vehicles in the country this year are proof of that. In January 2016, the Motor Industry Association already announced the impressive automobile sales, with the Ford Ranger listing the most number of registrations as a new vehicle model.

The pickup truck ousted the widely popular Toyota Corolla. Overall, said MIA chief executive David Crawford, it was a strong year for vehicles.

‘Final registration data confirms a strong finish towards the end of 2015, with 134,041 registrations’, he said in a report by Crawford added that this reflects an increase of over 6,000 vehicle registrations from 2014.

Although the association has yet to release data for this year, the high demand for cars, particularly the Ford models, continues. In a separate report, Ford managing director Simon Rutherford said that Ford New Zealand has garnered a 25% growth as of Dec. 2016, and the country’s current number one car remains a top-seller.

‘New Zealanders know a good thing when they see it or in the case of the Ranger, when they drive it too’, said Rutherford of the pickup. ‘As the Ranger charges ahead, we’ve put additional focus on the rest of the Ford range, including Focus and Mondeo.’ He added that he was pleased with the Kiwis’ response to the car model.

When it comes to automobile accessories, tyres still lead other car parts in terms of sales, followed by entertainment systems and safety features, including bull bars and tow bars.

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