Sustainable Insurance Summer Newsletter

Tuesday 31 January 2017, 2:38PM
By Sustainable Insurance Brokers


Sustainable Insurance Brokers
Summer Newsletter

Hello Friends,

We hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I know we certainly did with lots of time spent celebrating with family and friends. As each year passes by,I seem to get less presents BUT gain more kilos around the waist for Christmas! Ahh the joys of aging. Oh well, it was time to get back into the gym yesterday and on the bike I went this morning. Back to reality for most of us, as we get ready to face 2017 with enthusiasm.

In this newsletter we have some tips on goal setting for the new year and my personal experience of claiming insurance. So please do take a moment and have a read.

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending our friends' Pritish & Haley's wedding in Tutukaka. It was a wonderful day of celebration with a wedding on the beach and reception back in the village. The only issue was whilst at the wedding Jason somehow lost the keys to his car and house (yeah, a big Oh No!). Thankfully Farida had a spare in her handbag for the car and front door of our home. So once we were back home priority number one was to call our Insurer (NZI in this case) and explain what had happened. 10 minutes later the claim is filed accepted and we had the locksmith coming out to rekey all our locks. No issues for us as in our policy we have lock and key replacement up to $1000 for each with no excess on house and car. So we now have new keys for the house, sleepout, office and shed paid for by the insurance.

I tell this story not to prove that Jason is forgetfull but to show that very often when something goes wrong you can claim it on your insurance. Most people just don't realise that they can or think its too hard. As brokers we are here to help so if you have something that goes wrong and you think you may be able to claim, you may be right. Just give us a call we are always more than happy to help.

At work we have been flat out looking after ou clients Insurance and KiwiSaver needs. The common theme we see showing up, is that people who hadn't reviewed their policies for years assuming that they were fine. We will often find that houses are now under insured based on the cost to rebulid and life and health insurance doesn't reflect their current needs. This is easy for us to help recitfy and we can put a new plan in place often with savings for you as well.

Our business grows on word of mouth so if you know of anyone that may need a review or second opinion please let us know and we would be happy to get in touch with them

New Year New goals - I have always been a big fan of goal setting ever since university. I read a study from Harvard University that only 13% of students on the MBA course had defined goals at that time. 10 years later that 13% of students were earning twice as much as the other 87% of students combined. Now goals don't have to be all about money. I like to set goals for Family, Health, Spiritual and Business as every part of your life deserves to thrive. 

To set goals I follow the SMART principle outlined below. One of my goals after the festive indulgence is to lose 6kg by March 31st 2017. Lets see if it ticks the principles:

Specific - make sure the goal is clearly defined  - Yes "lose 6kg"
Measurable - can you tell if its achievable and are you on track - Yes 
Accountable - let others know of your goal it will make you work harder - Yes you all know now
Realistic -  set goals that you can achieve for really big goals break them down into smaller goals to help avoid the its just to hard I'm giving up thoughts - Yes 
Timeframe - make sure you set a time to achieve your goal so you have something to work towards and you cant always put it off for tomorrow. - Yes I have three months and will let you know how I go in the Autumm newsletter.

As always if you need any help just let us know even with goal setting. Jason is happy to help people and businesses with this as well.

Before I go, make sure to get out and about to enjoy the summer weather and don't forget that sunscreen.

Jason & Farida Davis