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The Benefits of Excel Aviation's Pilot Logbook
Tuesday 7 February 2017, 3:34PM
By Beckie Wright

There are several excellent reasons for using Excel Aviation’s Electronic Backup Pilot Logbook, not the least of which is that pilots no longer have to do all those tedious manual calculations of the past, and the logbook spreadsheet makes filling out the logbook just so simple.


Regarding Flight Hour Summaries, the Excel Aviation Pilot Logbook provides for hour totals to be automatically calculated and summarised for each aircraft type, such as single engine in command, dual, multi, as well as all custom hours. The logbook also does CAA Currency Monitoring, and takeoffs and landings in the past 90 days (customisable) are automatically calculated for each aircraft type to help keep you current. Similarly, with CAA IFR Currency, recent IFR Approaches and hours in the last 90 days are summarised for a quick view of your currency status. The logbook will even tell you what date you are legally IFR current until.


For CAA Flight and Duty Hour limits, the logbook will monitor daily, weekly and monthly Flight and Duty hour limits with easy-to-read colour coded summaries which alert the pilot to any impending restriction violations. It is also customizable, and will easily add multiple new aircraft types, add new columns to track custom hours and edit flight/duty hour limits along with their colour alert levels.


The logbook provides reports and print-outs, creating custom experience summaries and people can view detailed reports for Insurance Companies as well as Job and Licence Applications. Pilots can access their logbook on their computer, web browser, iPad, iPhone and Android device with the free Google Sheets App available on the App store & Google Play.


For further information on Excel Aviation and their products and services, please visit the website at .