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SCOPE Investigation Services Warn of Insurance Fraud
Tuesday 7 February 2017, 3:45PM
By Beckie Wright

SCOPE Investigation Services have been holding specialist  training sessions with insurance claim teams for years, and warn that insurance fraud spikes whenever a new technology upgrade such as the release of a new iPhone, occurs. When new technology is released, many people want to upgrade their model and therefore claim their older models has been stolen, lost, or accidentally damaged. The ensuing insurance pay-out then funds the new upgrade.

Fraud is often the ‘elephant in the room’ for insurers who don’t want to accuse their policyholders of being dishonest, but public attitudes are changing. There has been an upsurge in anonymous public tip-offs online because people are angry that family members and friends are contributing to a rise in premiums for their insurance through lying about claims.

This is where SCOPE comes in, successfully utilising social media sites on behalf of their clients to gain current intelligence claimed goods. They have had some exceptional results in identifying evidence that has assisted them in gaining resolutions in both insurance fraud and criminal matters.  For those clients whose organisation requires assistance in gathering and interpreting evidence, SCOPE can help. With extensive experience in both civil and criminal investigations, they can provide valuable input where critical decisions must be made.

With more than 23 years-experience in the security and investigation industry, the SCOPE team provide a range of security and investigation services to individuals, corporate clients and their respective brands, and believe that in today’s world of incessant social media activity it can be used very successfully in the pursuit of criminals.

Social Media is becoming one of the most important mechanisms to catch criminals and to protect the public, both for Police services and the private sector. After all, these days who doesn’t have access to a laptop, Smartphone or tablet and the reality is that the vast majority of the public are connected to the internet through numerous devices. It is how a growing percentage of the public gets their daily information and news.

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