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Dil's Funeral Services Advocate Advanced Planning
Tuesday 14 February 2017, 7:21PM
By Beckie Wright

The Dil’s Funeral Services’ philosophy is, “A beautiful funeral captures the true character of a person. It’s a time to reflect on how their life has touched yours.

A funeral may be simple, it may be grand; whatever you want, we’ll work with you to make it truly memorable.”

No matter whether a funeral is planned in advance or whether there has been a sudden death in the family, Dil’s Funeral Services will always make it a very special occasion. Often, one of the first comments a family will make to the staff at Dil’s is that Mum or Dad, “never spoke about their funeral” and so, “we don’t know what to do!” Planning in advance seems like such a simple thing and yet it’s something many people never get around to doing.

Planning your funeral in advance can be as simple as having a conversation with those nearest to you and expressing a few thoughts about what you might like to have happen when your time comes, or you might want sit down with the Dil’s ‘family’ and document in some detail your plans and preferences. In any case, doing some sort of preparation in advance of your death make sense and really makes a difference to those you leave behind by giving them confidence that they’re following your wishes about how you wish to be farewelled.

When planning your funeral in advance one thing Dil’s would suggest you consider is also leaving permission for your family to change your wishes, should the need arise. This might sound counterintuitive, given the reason you plan in advance is so your wishes are known, but they occasionally find family members conflicted between what you wanted and what they’d like to do. This doesn’t mean they have carte blanche to change everything, but does show that you trust those you have left behind to carry out your wishes and at the same time fulfill their personal needs as they face your passing.

Advanced Planning can also be done as part of prepaying your funeral. To learn more about pre-paid funerals and the FDANZ Funeral Trust please visit the Dil’s Funeral Services website at INDEX