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Bespoke Jewellery From Carats Design Jewellers
Wednesday 15 February 2017, 8:23PM
By Beckie Wright


There is nothing more romantic than the purchase of a special piece of jewellery. Choosing a piece of jewellery is always a special occasion whether it is for a pair of gold wedding bands engraved with a personal message on the inside, a diamond eternity ring for your first wedding anniversary or a sapphire and diamond encrusted pendant for your wife to celebrate the birth of your first baby. However, there are many reasons why you should have a piece custom-made, rather than simply opting for buying something from the local jewellery chain store in your town.

Having a piece of jewellery made by Carats Jewellers will mean that it is unique, making it extra special and something to treasure in years to come. Most rings in local jewellery stores will have been mass-produced, so that your ready-made ring is simply one of hundreds or even thousands made. With the nationwide jewellery chain stores replicating their jewellery designs right across the country, you may even find that someone you know has the same ring as you.

Opting for bespoke jewellry means that you can tailor a design to your precise requirements. You may have fallen in love with a design that you have seen in a jewellery store or online, but by having the same design custom made you can enhance the design by making some subtle changes. Maybe you would like the central diamond to be a little bit bigger or the band to be in platinum instead of gold or you would like the diamonds on the sides to be princess cuts instead of rounds. With custom made jewellery the only limits are your own imagination

Carats Jewellers make the whole process of getting jewellery made to order simple. From an initial consultation where they discuss design, style and budget with the client, then will come up with design concepts and then a final finished design for your approval.

Next they will show you a selection of their fine gemstones to incorporate into the piece, and if they don’t have exactly what you are looking for they can source these from their international gem dealers. Finally the piece is manufactured in Carats’ Vulcan lane jewellery workshop by their highly skilled, talented and passionate craftsmen. The piece is independently valued and is ready to be loved by you and admired by all.

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