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Fleet Management With Argus Tracking
Friday 17 February 2017, 4:35PM
By Beckie Wright

Argus Tracking recommend that it is important to be able to manage vehicle compliance easily to keep your vehicle and people on the road safely, and they offer a full fleet management suite enabling you to easily manage your vehicle compliance centrally. They can even purchase your registrations and RUC’s for you at no extra charge.

Argus Tracking’s NZTA sync makes keeping compliant easy, providing accurate information and removing admin and antiquated systems previously involved in ensuring your RUC/Registration/ WOF/COF/Service compliance is up-to-date.

Extended WOF periods have put more onus on the fleet operator to take responsibility and implement systems to make sure their fleet is always at a warrantable standard. Their approach reduces not only fleet repairs but also your exposure to the Health & Safety at Work act.

GPS is practically essential for fleet tracking, if you really want to know where your trucks are at any given time. The solutions available today allow business owners to keep track of hundreds of vehicles, as easily as they could keep track of a single one in the past. There are many other benefits as well.

Owners find that they have reduced fuel expenses by reducing the number of lost drivers and by allowing the system to choose the most fuel efficient and time efficient routes. That typically reduces the number of miles driven, as well, which prolongs the life of the vehicle and reduces maintenance costs.

The devices are small enough to be attached to any vehicle. They can be used to track vehicles in "real-time" or the position can be updated on a regular basis. Data from the trip can also be stored until the vehicle arrives in the shop, where the information concerning mileage and fuel used, as well as the trip time can be uploaded.

The cost of GPS fleet tracking systems varies, generally depending on the features that your company needs. The number of vehicles in the fleet is another cost consideration. Since a device must be attached to each vehicle, you simply multiply the number of vehicles in your fleet by the cost per unit to determine that part of the bill.

Surveys of insurance companies have shown that fleet tracking reduces the number of accidents. Because of that and because of reduced vehicle theft, some insurance companies offer discounts to companies that have GPS monitoring.

To find out more about Argus Tracking and their vehicle tracking systems please visit the website at .