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Ask For Insect Treatments from Smartwash Waterblasting
Friday 17 February 2017, 7:25PM
By Beckie Wright

February is well known as ‘insect month’ in New Zealand when all the insects come out to play in the hot, dry weather. We all love the sound of the cicadas during February, however, homeowners aren’t so happy to see other species of insects, and this particularly applies to flies.

This is where we are fortunate to have the services of Smartwash Waterblasting who provide insect treatments as part of their service. They have a range of options for getting on top of flies and spiders which are driving us mad, and their treatment system will not only kill, but also deters critters from choosing our home as their local stomping ground. This is a great preventative option, with prices being dependent on the size of the property.

The Smartwash team also get a lot of calls at this time of the year for cleaning up around the property after the Christmas holidays, and this applies in particular to outside decks and terraces. Many parts of the country had a lot of damp, sticky weather over Christmas and this has led to a rash of moss and mould breaking out.

It is important to stay on top of moss and mould on the outside of your property to ensure the build up does not corrode and damage, not only your paint job but your external cladding.  Mould left untreated can go on to cause a lot of damage to the property and be difficult to remove. Regular treatment will ensure moss and mould do not get a chance to take over the property thus leading to a safer, cleaner and better looking home.

So, for all those post holiday chores to keep homes looking and feeling better, go to the website at .