Steel Gates and Bollards in Auckland – Have you Secured your Business Premises?

Tuesday 28 March 2017, 6:24PM
By All Steel Security


Property theft is a major concern for business owners. There are items of great value within most business premises. That said, have you secured your place of business and your assets from intruders, trespassers and the like? Perhaps an assessment is in order, followed by a much-needed strengthening of your current security measures.

One thing you can do is to accurately delineate and enclose the scope of your property. You can do this with fences, and if you’re thinking heavy duty boundaries, consider steel bollards in Auckland. Anything you use to mark boundaries must do the job as clearly as possible, especially when marking areas such as parking spaces where a designated flow of traffic is required. The same goes for marking areas near your property, especially if they’re streets near your private domain or are pedestrian-only areas.

Another thing you must consider is keeping intruders out (or at the very least, dissuading them from breaking in). Sometimes, criminals can be as bold as ramming vehicles into storefronts to get to the valuables inside. For that, you have crash barriers in Auckland. These barriers are typically made of steel and are bolted into the ground. This makes them almost indestructible, while also looking discreet and not overly utilitarian. Crash barriers can go a long way in keeping intruders out.

Lastly, common security devices are a must. This includes CCTV cameras, burglar alarms, security lighting, high fences, and even guards. Unless you’re talking about a large-scale heist on a heavily guarded facility like Fort Knox in the United States, it’s safe to say that many burglaries are not thoroughly planned, or not planned, at all. CCTVs and the like can be be crucial to catching a thief, in the act—not to mention, dissuading them from attacking, in the first place.

All Steel Security is all business when it comes to impenetrable security doors and windows, among other security items. The company employs a team of security experts with more than enough knowledge in ensuring that a property is as theft-proof as possible. All security solutions are tailored to client needs, and are offered at competitive prices.

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