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Loadscan's Load Volume Scanner - an Asset for Underground Mining
Wednesday 19 April 2017, 2:32PM
By Beckie Wright

Loadscan, with its office in Santa Fe Springs, California, provides payload scanner based load management solutions for the construction, mining, mulch and biomass, quarry and sandpit industries. Loadscan, with offices in USA and New Zealand, exports to many countries globally, including Australia, Canada, Germany, Indonesia, Mexico, Mongolia, Philippines, Senegal, Switzerland, and Zambia.

As leading experts in volumetric truck measurement solutions, Loadscan offers a range of cost-effective Load Volume Scanner (LVS) configurations and truck measurement solutions to suit most applications. Loadscan works in every situation - whether it is a highly portable system to move from job to job, a permanent installation or a fully customised application. The company has the right truck measurement solution for every need.+-+

Tritton Copper mine operation in Nyngan, NSW became the first underground mining company in Australia to purchase and install a LVS payload measurement system from Loadscan.

At the Tritton Copper mine, the LVS system came as a solution to problems faced due to consistent inaccuracies in the system used earlier to track daily ore production. The weighbridge system had limited data compatibility, was prone to wear and tear and required regular maintenance. Besides this, it cost a considerable amount of time and money. 

Matthew Gouldstone from Tritton Mine said, “The scanner receives no wear and tear as it is scanning as opposed to weighing and is much more durable given the conditions it operates under. There have been two major benefits gained from installing the LVS system, one being the immediate, accurate load volume has allowed for real time feedback to underground loader operators, allowing for informal coaching from the supervisors using the 3D load profiling software. This has resulted in the trucks being loaded to capacity and has increased trucking factors by 9.7 per cent, ultimately resulting in a lower cost per tonne hauled.” 

“The second benefit is the data tracking software. Cycle time is easy to track and a simple interface allows supervisors to understand loads per shift or day. Training the supervisors how to use this data has meant 10-20 minutes per shift has been saved from reading back through plods and tallying up tonnes moved. The level of detail obtained by the LVS is impressive to everyone who has used the software. Overall the return on investment has been extremely quick, within the first full month after installation the LVS has paid for itself.”

The LVS has proven its worth and its technology is also rapidly gaining recognition in the civil construction, quarrying and bark products industries. Loadscan scanners are working in quarries, sand-pits, construction sites and bark product manufacturing around the world. Load volume scanners are manufactured and tested at the Loadscan facility in Hamilton, New Zealand.

For enquiries regarding Loadscan’s load volume scanner, the company can be contacted by calling 1-800-747-2973. Interested customers may also use their website’s contact form to reach them. To visit the Loadscan company’s website: INDEX