The Prospective Student Guide To Beauty Courses Auckland

Friday 12 May 2017, 9:41PM


If you aspire to work as a beauty therapist or to invest in this sector, it is recommended and advised that you enroll for one of the beauty courses Auckland. When you are done with the training, you will have the ability and competence of pampering, transforming and enhancing your clients. You will be trained on the operations of the beauty industry and how to achieve its main objectives which are improving the feel and look of the people every day.

The focus subject areas:

The main focus of subjects of the beauty therapy courses NZ include the following –

Body therapy: In this subject, you will be trained on various aspects of the human body such as the muscles and soft tissues where beauty processes can be applied on. It includes massage therapy which is nowadays in addition to being beauty process also has health benefits.

Cosmetic services: Cosmetic means improvement of the way a person looks and may include the application of chemicals to lighten or darken the skin. Importantly, you will learn about the chemical in most cosmetics and how their use affects the skin.

Facial therapy: there are many facial therapies which can be performed on the face of women such as the application of eye shadow, lip coloring, and brows makeup among others. You will be trained on these and many others.

Health and first aid: in the process of performing various beauty processes, something may go wrong. You will be trained in how to perform various first and processes due to chemical or hot water burns.

Human structure and function: The human body has so many processes and all of them affect its function. The beauty process on the skin definitely have an effect on the overall body functioning and so you will be trained on the safe beauty processes. For example, some chemicals should not be used on allergic persons or those who suffer from certain skin conditions.

Professional practice: beauty industry is a profession like any other and has standards and ethics which need to be observed. You will be trained on the principles and standards of professional practice expected of you as a beauty therapist.

Waxing: in beauty courses Auckland, waxing refers to a process of removing hair from the skin. You will be trained on how to apply wax on various areas of the body to remove unwanted hair such as on the arms, legs, armpits and other areas.

The career prospects and opportunities:

In the choice of any training one thing, you must be concerned about is how it prepares you to join your career of choice. After your training at beauty school Auckland, you will find various opportunities in the beauty industry. You may choose to work as a beauty therapist in a cruise ship, day spa or clinic.

Alternatively, you can choose to work as a sales representative in the cosmetic or beauty industry. If you hold a diploma in beauty therapy you can also work as an administrator in one of the companies that deal with the manufacture, distribution or sale of beauty products.