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The Choice of Plants You Need For Bold and Beautiful Landscape Design Garden At Home

Tuesday 16 May 2017, 8:59AM
By Soulscape Solutions

It is not in doubt that plants play a very important role in what is generally known as the soft landscaping. If you need an amazing landscape design, you need to think of the plants that can do well in your area. This is not a simple decision to make so you need to seek advice from professional landscape designer in Auckland. The following are some of the plants that can do well in Auckland –

Ed-hot poker:

This is one of the cool choices for those who need unique landscape design ideas NZ for their homes. It is strongly vertical and compact as well. Landscapers agree that it contributes to the eye stopping moments in any landscaping design. There is the traditional mix of yellow, orange and red but there are other modern choices as well such as lemon, primrose and cream among others.


This plant has its origins in South Africa. It is now widely used in modern Auckland Landscape design and is mostly planted in pot or en masse. The classic agapanthus is still available but there is the modern varieties of giant, dwarf, variegated foliage and one with white flowers.


This plant is characterized by stiffly upright crown sword-like foliage which is evergreen. It is loved by landscape designs because it creates ideal living sculpture. Although it is ideal for the drought tolerated gardens in Auckland, there are some types designed for use in other areas of NZ. It can be combined with succulents and cacti to bring the desired effect in garden landscaping. The Yucca types of plants with yellow or green centres (known as the colour guards) or those with edges (known as the bright edge) glow very well in the sun-drenched gardens. There is the starburst variety which has cream stripes and which takes on pink tinge particularly in the cool weather.


This is a good foliage plant which is planted in many shade gardens in Auckland. In the landscape design west Auckland, it may be used as specimen in pot or in ground cover sweeps. The plant is available in different colours, sizes and left shapes so you can easily find that which suits your needs.

Canna and Alocasia Macrorrhiza:

If you need structural raged design to the extreme in landscape design south Auckland, you may need to try Canna and Alocasia. These two provide the ideal foil for the straight lines of modern landscaping and they tend to offer unique tropical and exotic look. They are mostly drastic in the plantings and the Alocasia makes a bold statement that is worth the attention of any landscapers out there. These two are widely used in Victoria gardens. Alocasia macrorrhiza are widely used in the hardy regions and seasonally in the cooler regions of NZ since they grow up very fast.