Kidney Transplant Treatment

Thursday 25 May 2017, 5:21PM
By Anuj Gupta

A kidney transplant is a procedure to replace the diseased kidney with a healthy one. The healthy kidney comes from a living or a deceased donor. The donor can lead a normal life with his remaining healthy kidney. The recipient usually receives only one kidney.

Kidney Transplant in India

If you are looking for a better patient experience and have sufficient money, then you may consider private NABH & JCI accredited hospitals. The total cost of the kidney transplant in India would be between $10,000 to $12,000. In most of these hospitals, the kidney transplant is a packaged procedure and it would include donor surgery and transplant surgery both, surgeon fees, room rent for both donor & patient, drugs and consumable, food and support staff costs. 

Here is the List of best kidney transplant hospitals in India:

Medanta The Medicity, Gurgaon
Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurgaon
Columbia Asia Hospital, Gurgaon

Who is a candidate for kidney transplantation?
Kidney transplantation is the treatment of choice for people with kidney failure. This allows patients to stop dialysis, decrease their fluid and diet restrictions, and enjoy a much better quality of life.

What does it mean to be on a kidney transplant waiting list?
Those who are on the list are waiting for a non-living donor kidney to become available from a transplant center. According to the National Kidney Foundation, it is difficult to predict how long a person will be on the waiting list, but, on average, waits of two years or more are not uncommon.

How do you qualify for placement on the waiting list?
To qualify for placement on the kidney transplant waiting list, a potential recipient must be relatively healthy and not have cancer or infection. The patient also must be able to comply with treatment and medication requirements.

Who decides who receives a kidney when one becomes available?
Many things are taken into consideration. The blood and tissue types have to match. Other considerations are how long a person has been on the waiting list and his or her medical condition.

You may use this link to get Kidney Transplant Cost in India from trusted NABH & JCI accredited hospitals.