Dil's Funerals Help You Through That Difficult Time

Friday 21 July 2017, 6:12PM
By Beckie Wright

“I don’t want any fuss. When I’m dead just cremate me and get on with your life”. Some people think they’re making it easy for others when they say things like that, but what they don’t realise is that a funeral service is actually for the living not the dead, and Dil’s Funerals have a very helpful page on their website at to assist those people who have possibly never had to organise a loved one’s funeral before.


To start with, the helpful staff at Dil’s will take you through the funeral process a step at a time. They explain things as they go and answer each and every one of your questions, and their philosophy is, “Nothing is too much trouble”.


Firstly, they adivse people to contact family members to help them with the decision making, as being with those closest to you is a great comfort, and you can work out when everyone involved with funeral arrangements can get together, especially if family members are out of town.


Secondly, give Dil’s a call and they’ll answer any questions you have, and then they’ll arrange to bring the deceased to their funeral home. They’ll also set a time and place to meet with you and those involved in making the funeral arrangements, such as what kind of funeral you would like.

Helpful things to do or consider before we meet with you.


When arranging a funeral quite a few decisions need to be made in a short space of time, such as where and when will the service be, and what type of service, burial, cremation, public, private, traditional or unique? You also need to think about who will officiate – celebrant, minister or friend? Also, does anyone wish to view and does anyone have any special requests?


Generally, there will be lots of people wanting to help at this time, and a bit of delegation could help spread the load because there are many tasks that need doing, such as choosing clothing for the deceased, selecting music, choosing photographs for service sheets or video tributes, and writing the newspaper notice. To register the death with the Births, Deaths and Marriages office you’ll need to provide Dil’s with the details found on the Birth or Marriage Certificates, and you should check the will s this often contains instructions for the funeral.


At Dil’s it’s all about putting you and your family first, so let them help you in such a difficult time. They can also help with funeral catering in Auckland, eco funerals and of course the casket.