7 Ways to Untangle Your Hair

Thursday 3 August 2017, 10:46PM


If your hair's a mess of knots and dryness, it's time to discover the 7 ways to untangle your hair we have for you, easy, fast and within reach of all.

#1. Brush before washing
Brushing your hair before washing it is something like mandatory. Make splits and brush it apart with a soft brush and some patience. It will not take you more than three minutes and it really is the most practical solution. Of course, after brushing you do not go to the shower and stir your hair like crazy.

#2. Use a lot of conditioner
If your hair is one of those that get tangled up, it is best to apply conditioner generously at the time of the shower, from the middle of the hair to the tip. Let it act for a couple of minutes and gently unravel with your fingers.

#3. Use non-rinse conditioner
In the market there are very good combing creams or conditioners without rinsing that are applied in the rebellious hair and that facilitate the task of unraveling it.

#4. Use hot olive oil
Did you find yourself in a difficult knot? Do not worry, just by heating a little olive oil and apply it in the area you can undo the knot with your own fingers, gently.

#5. Detangling spray for children
Detangling sprays are a good choice, and best if they are for small children, well you know that the smaller boys have delicate hair and can not stand the pain.

#6. The correct technique
Many times knots get bigger and bigger just because you do not use the right technique to comb your hair. If you comb from top to bottom, you are only going to lower and pull the knots and make them more intense.

To apply the correct technique you will have to separate your hair in four parts and comb each one at a time, beginning with the tips and rising gradually, as you unravel it.

#7. To prevent
Of course, the best way to not have knots in your hair is prevention. For that you need some effort and constancy with the brush and with the way you sleep.

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