Driveway Contractors Auckland – Enhance your Property's Kerb Appeal this Spring

Wednesday 16 August 2017, 3:17PM
By Auckland Asphalt Repairs Ltd


As September indicates the arrival of spring, owners of homes and establishments prepare for spring cleaning. As spring has the best temperatures for laying asphalt and concrete, you can consider enhancing your property’s kerb appeal this fine season.

Kerb appeal refers to the appearance of your home or establishment from the street. One quick solution to achieving this is by having your driveway and actual kerbs repaired.

Driveways are some of the most heavily used areas on a property. They support the weight of heavy vehicles and withstand the wear and tear caused by vehicles’ braking and movement. Driveways may be unnoticed in their perfectly functional state, but create risks and reduce a property’s value with cracks and holes.

Kerbs give many benefits to a property. They give protection to pavements and driveways. They prolong the life of concrete and asphalt surfaces by channelling water away. They also enforce the strength of sidewalks by providing them structural support.

Auckland Asphalt Repairs is skilled at repairing damaged asphalt to make sure that erosion and water will not cause damage to surfaces. They have been serving Auckland for more than 30 years and offer asphalt-laying expertise that is hard to match. They exhibit proficiency both in paving new driveways and kerbs, and repairing and resealing them. They can create custom kerbs and driveways, handling every step of the installation process from design to finish. Auckland Asphalt Repairs is the preferred driveway contractors of Auckland.

Auckland Asphalt Repairs creates a wide range of asphalt surfaces for residential, commercial and industrial clients.  They have experience in laying hot mix for driveways, car parks, tennis courts, footpaths, courtyards, and playgrounds.

You can contact Auckland Asphalt Repairs at 021 026 29674 for your asphalt driveway, tarseal and kerbing needs in Auckland. You can also e-mail them at or visit their website at