Goode Brothers are Your Local Kiwi-Italian Gastropub, Bar & Restaurant

Thursday 28 September 2017, 7:37PM
By Beckie Wright

Goode Brothers are less about servicing the traditions of the ‘old country’ and more about bringing it in line with contemporary Kiwi culture. They are big and bold and doing it their way, carving their own path that’s fresh and inviting, which is why their pizza ovens are ‘the real deal’.

Steeped in tradition, their pizza ovens are 100% Italian made. Custom built to order from a family-owned company in Lograto, Italy, Forni Ceky has been churning out traditional, hand-made pizza ovens for over three generations and now, you can taste a true Italian favourite.

All Ceky ovens are handmade by expert Italian artisans with an unrivaled attention to detail that makes these ovens not just something to cook pizza in, but also a truly unique piece of Italian art. Goode Brothers’ rotating Ceky pizza oven might be gas burned but it tastes like wood fired. Stacked inside with firebricks, known for their superior heat insulation and absorption, their pizzas get evenly heated and come out looking wood-charred. Their Ceky pizza oven means that wait times are down, flavour is up and you can enjoy a true Italian favourite.

Goode Brothers’ food is authentic, comforting, hands-on and approachable. They don’t pretent to know more Italian than you do, and will never speak to you in words any Kiwi wouldn’t understand! Their food is simple – what you see is what you get, with no hidden surprises, no trickery and nothing to hide, and most of all, they’re fun. Goode Brothers don’t take themselves too seriously, and they’re all for occasions where sharing and socialising are front and centre.

Don’t forget Goode Brothers’ Feast of Italy is running from the 14th of September to the 13th of October, and this ‘fabulous feast’ promotion features a raffle for a trip for two to Italy purchased with every set menu. The prize includes two return Economy class tickets plus 10 nights’ accommodation. Winners must be available to travel in March 2018 and flights are non-refundable and non-transferable, so buy your tickets today!

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