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No Waiting At Physio Connect
Thursday 12 October 2017, 8:22PM
By Beckie Wright

Sick of waiting rooms? Physio Connect has the ability to treat all your acute rehabilitative needs without the wait, which is a relief to all of us who have grown used to waiting for hours after our appointment time. The team at Physio Connect are dedicated to providing great customer service, and leading clinical care, and they are primarily a manual therapy clinic, which means they implement a ‘hands on’ approach.  

Physio Connect employ a ‘gold standard’ integrated approach, designed to cater to all members of the population, and they understand that pain and injuries can take a significant toll on your quality of life, and your ability to stay happy, healthy and doing the activities you enjoy. With their integrated approach, they ensure your pain is addressed quickly by a provider with expertise in the specific area.

Physio Connect’s focus on patient-centered care means they don’t just treat your injury, but assess the underlying contributing factors to reduce the risk of it happening in the future of causing ongoing problems. They believe that physiotherapy isn’t just about treating a condition, but ensuring that you understand the injury you have sustained and why it occurred, as well as educating and equipping you to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

This is why each treatment plan must be uniquely tailored to meet your needs, and as they work with you to reach your personal goals. They also understand the need to continue with sport and daily activities throughout your treatment and will work with you to make modifications that allow for this, without hindering your rehabilitation or recovery. They have a fantastic team in place to accomplish this with the highest level of skill and care, each hand-picked for their genuine passion for rehabilitation, people and clinical excellence.

Their team has both personal and professional experience  across most sports and work with all age groups, including youth and adolescent-specific conditions and high performance fundamentals. As part of their commitment to clinical excellence, they ensure to keep up with the hard work of their peers in research and evidence based medicine to offer you leading and innovative treatment solutions These solutions are enhanced by the use of their facilities and on-site gym, as well as the various post-graduate qualifications of their physiotherapists, including clinical pilates, exercise science and dry needling.

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