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You Can Get a Same Day Dental Crown at Milford Dentists
Thursday 9 November 2017, 2:48PM
By Beckie Wright

There is a tremendous advantage in restoring teeth with porcelain CAD/CAM same day restorations, as the tooth preparation is as minimal as possible as crowns/veneers are retained with very strong bonds and cement. As the tooth is being restored very quickly, compared to a conventional crown/veneer (which is normally a two week process) there is no opportunity for the exposed tooth structure to become contaminated with bacteria. This means less discomfort/pain after the procedure. Because these restorations are made from porcelain, they are very lifelike and are often less expensive than a traditional crown.

Andrea Clarke of Milford Dentists is the person to contact to make an appointment for same day dental crowns. The E4D unit can create very strong, beautiful porcelain crowns and veneers over a few hours in a day as opposed to the conventional two-week prep appointment then cementation visit time frame. Instead of trips to the dentist spread over a couple of weeks, with perhaps extra visits to re-cement temporaries that have fallen, your tooth is prepared and then digitally scanned. The resulting 3D image is then computer designed (CAD) and the new porcelain restoration is milled at Milford Dentists’ rooms, using a powerful computer driven milling unit (CAM) out of a block of porcelain. It is then characterised and cemented on your tooth, generally an hour or so later or later that day.

Milford Dentists’ team of experienced clinicians and caring support team are committed to providing the very best dental treatments. Using the latest in dental technology and techniques they are able to provide optimal dental outcomes in Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Implants, General & Emergency dentistry in their modern dental practice on Auckland’s North Shore. Whatever the patient’s dental requirements are, they are there to provide all options and then fully support the patient with whatever solution they decide on.

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