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Mould Affects Mental Health
Friday 1 December 2017, 1:20PM
By Beckie Wright

One in ten renters in New Zealand think their home has a massive problem with dampness or mould, according to Statistics New Zealand. Mould is damaging to a person’s physical health, but studies show that it can also affect mental health in many severe ways. The connection between mould and mental health illnesses like depression has raised the alarm for many renters and homeowners who understand the urgency of the situation.

What is Mould and How Do I Spot It?

Mould is a type of fungus that grows in damp areas. It grows spores and can stain walls, ceilings and other surfaces in the home, including areas that are hidden from sight. Common signs to look out for include allergic reactions, a strange odour and condensation. Soft walls, sagging ceilings and water leaks are other symptoms of a house that has moisture problems (which leads to mould problems).

How Does Mould Affect Mental Health?

Mould and dampness in homes has been linked to depression. Studies show that the psychological and financial pressures of living in an unhealthy environment can lead to feelings of sadness and fatigue, especially when the body is suffering too. Depression can be caused by many factors, but it is important to consider mould when evaluating mental health.

How Do I Remove Mould?

Mould can be removed, but the removal process itself can be harmful. There are different types of mould, some more toxic than others, and only an expert mould remover will be able to diagnose and remove it properly. When you hire a professional technician, they use specialised airflow equipment to ensure mould spores are contained and the job is completed in the most safe and efficient way.

If you think your home has been attacked by mould, contact a mould removal service such as Chemcare. They can remove mould from all surfaces, including soft furnishings and curtains. Chemcare also provides other services such as meth decontamination and meth clean up. To remove mould and other hazardous substances, call Chemcare.

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