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Upgrade Fuse Boards, Take Advantage of TopMark Electrical's Free Safety Checks
Monday 4 December 2017, 4:24PM
By Beckie Wright

Auckland electrical contractors TopMark Electrical are offering free safety checks to check if old and tired fuse boards need upgrading. Customers can contact the company to check if their switchboard is a hazard and potentially dangerous.

Based on the North Shore, the company operates all over Auckland having carried out over 2000 successful projects. Their expert technicians can help upgrade to a new Flush mount Circuit breaker switch board with complete home RCD protection. An RCD is a Residual Current device which monitors the earth leakage in your homes electrical power and lighting circuits and is a mandatory requirement for any new electrical instillation. It is highly likely the old fuse board is not giving the home and family the protection it needs.

Energy Safety guidelines say homeowners are permitted to undertake wiring in strict accordance with electrical code of practice ECP 51.  However, this should not be attempted unless the homeowner is confident that he or she has the knowledge, tools, and skills necessary for the task.  An inferior job can be considerably more expensive, in time and money, than paying a properly licensed electrician to perform the work in the first instance. Failure to follow the requirement of ECP 51 could cause an unsafe situation and lead to electric shock or fire.

Switchboards protect the electrical wiring system in the home.  It comprises the main power switch, along with a number of fuses, or circuit breakers.  Each fuse or circuit breaker corresponds to a different area of wiring in the home. In the event of an electrical fault the fuse will blow or the circuit breaker will trip.  The power to the corresponding area of the house will be shut off, to prevent overloading or fire. The main difference between a circuit breaker or a fuse is that a circuit breaker can be reset, whereas once a fuse blows it must be replaced.

Before replacing a fuse, the main power switch and all appliances and lights that are on that fuse needs to be turned off. A professional like TopMark will always replace a fuse with the correct current rating.  A fuse with too high a current rating could allow excessive current to flow through the circuit, leading to overheating and possibly fire. If a fuse keeps blowing, a licensed worker like TopMark can replace the fuses in the switchboard with plug-in circuit breakers of the same rating, as these are safer to use and do not require replacing.

TopMark can advise homeowners what each fuse or circuit breaker protects.  Switchboards are normally labelled.  If it is not TopMark can to do this for customers.  This can save time in identifying a blown fuse or which circuit breaker to switch off, should the need arise. Swapping fuses in the switchboard with plug-in circuit breakers of the same rating will make them safer to use and do not require replacing.

TopMark’s mission is to provide every home in New Zealand with modern technology that will enable customers and their families to live in a safe environment. Owner and director of TopMark Electrical Mark Lowe has over 17 years’ experience in the industry and works with a team of registered electricians and apprentices.

The goal is to ensure that every project is completed with 100% customer satisfaction. For  architectural lighting, led installation and maintenance projects contact 0800 867 627 or 021875112

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