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Simone Rank From YummyMummy Fitness Talks About Sugar Cravings
Thursday 7 December 2017, 8:14PM
By Beckie Wright

Do you find yourself craving sugar-filled treats? Eating refined sugar gives your body a quick boost of energy, but then that energy wears off. Your body will then demand another quick boost of energy. Cue sugar cravings. If you continue to repeat this process of giving your body a quick hit of energy every time it is down, then you will likely develop a sugar addiction. That will make it really hard to break the cycle of instant gratification from sugar.

The best way to avoid getting the cravings that a sugar addiction causes, is to eat complex carbs. Complex carbs, like whole grains and vegetables give your body an even release of energy. That means that your blood sugar never spikes, and you never get a craving for sugar. If you get that feeling of intense sugar craving, then you really should have eaten 30 minutes ago. By anticipating your cravings, you can avoid the need for your body to crash. And, never skip meals! Sugar cravings occur because something is not right in your diet. If you can fix your diet, then you can fix the sugar cravings too.

If you get one of those dreaded cravings and you don’t have the time to sit down for a proper meal of complex carbs, you can try having a piece of fruit. Fruit gives your body the right kind of sugars and is a good, natural boost of energy. You can also chew on a piece of sugar free gum which gives you the taste of sweetness, without the actual sugar, or drink a glass of water – always a good idea. If the chocolate monster is truly calling and you really can’t resist, then have a few squares of dark chocolate to squash the urge. Sometimes boredom affects the way you think. Getting up off your butt and doing something active can be enough to distract you.

If you want to prevent sugar cravings, avoid processed foods, which are heavily laden with sugars, and boost your serotonin levels through diet and exercise. Use natural sweeteners in your food instead of sugar, drink lots of water, don’t skip meals and eat the right foods, complex carbs, fruit and vegies. If you need help, YummyMummy Fitness’ Detox is a great way to reset your nutrition, or join their next Big Shape Up to make long-term changes to your eating habits.

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