Maintaining Your Jetski With Watercraft World

Wednesday 20 December 2017, 12:56PM
By Beckie Wright

Jetskis are one of the best ways to spend on the water with friends and family during our New Zealand summer, but like all great sports-craft, good maintenance is needed to ensure long leisurely days ahead. Before heading out of the water, look for any oil or fuel leaks and loose parts. Check stern drain plugs are installed and remove the seat to ventilate the engine bay before starting. Check oil and fuel levels.  Start the engine using a flushing device and follow through the flushing procedure, ensuring that you allow the engine to run at idle until it is fully warmed up.

After a great day out on the water, flush the engine again to remove as much salt/debris deposits as possible.  Rinse the jet unit out. Wash and wipe down the exterior, using a chamois to dry the jetski down.  Remove the seat to allow the engine bay to completely dry out.  Apply a light spray of silicone lubricant to the engine and components.  Minimise exposure to the weather elements by using the fitted cover designed specifically for your jetski.  For longer storage use a fuel conditioner and stabiliser.  Putting the battery on an automatic battery charger will keep the battery ready to go at all times.

Every jetski model has unique features and parts, as such, Watercraft World Super Centre have the equipment and expertise to cater the service specifically to your jetski.  After the initial 10 hour service, they will schedule a reminder of your annual service. 

When you are ready to put your jetski away for winter, Watercraft World Super Centre can provide a winterise service to prepare your jetski for long storage.

Watercraft World Super Centre are your number one Auckland jetski dealer.  Stockist of the latest model Yamaha Waverunners, they also carry a range of pre-loved jetskis across all models. With excellent workshop experience they provide service, repairs, engine rebuilds and insurance quotations.

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