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Future Finance Can Help With Your Credit Card Debt
Friday 12 January 2018, 4:24PM
By Beckie Wright

We all make New Year resolutions, but we don’t always stick to them! One of the biggest problems facing people after the Christmas ‘spend’ is credit card debt, which can grow to very worrying levels if left unattended. Similarly, the New Year also brings the worry of paying the new year’s school fees, which can just add to our indebtedness. Stop worrying! Future Finance are there to help with their debt consolidation services.

Future Finance’s professional lending team can put your mind at ease as they create a finance plan tailored to your requirements, and once the loan has been approved, the cash can actually be in your account within 60 minutes. With their debt consolidation plan, Future Finance can sort out all your ‘maxed-out’ credit cards and other debt, so that you only have one debt to service.

The team at Future Finance are regular New Zealanders who know what it’s like to need a loan from time to time, and they are there to help get you through a tight spot or help you out with some extra finance for the new year.

The Future Finance team want borrowing to be simple and stress-free for everyone, and their incredible customer service team know the importance of fast and easy approvals. They’re always there to help, and they’ll listen to your unique circumstances and create a loan to suit you, quickly. Unlike traditional lenders, Future Finance won’t leave you waiting around for days to find out if your loan has been approved.

The team at Future Finance understand the importance of a speedy loan, which is why they don’t have a head office to seek approval from, so they can make faster decisions and get you the money you need quickly. Their terms range from six months to five years, and the term of your loan will depend on your financial circumstances and take into account how much you want to borrow.

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