Drilling Contractors Waikato – Ensure Structure Integrity with the Help of Waikato's Foundation Specialists

Monday 12 February 2018, 1:12PM
By Waikato Post Ramming


Heavy structures such as bridges and multi-storeyed buildings require deep foundations.  Deep foundations are also necessary for raised structures and for construction on areas where the soil does not have the sufficient bearing capacity for the building. With deep foundations, structures are given reinforcements against seismic activity and wind forces.

Drilling and foundation construction are two difficult and crucial stages in building sound structures. Foundations have to be dug to the right measurement, accurately surveyed and set out. Foundation drillers have to follow the engineering plan when they carry out anchored earth retention, drilled shaft foundations and pile construction. This necessitates a closer and professional partnership between the foundation drillers and the prime contractors.

Waikato Post Ramming is a trusted drilling contractor in Waikato. The company has over 30 years of experience in constructing sound foundations, working with large construction firms, commercial establishments and residential developers.

Waikato Post Ramming has a team of skilled foundation drilling contractors who are adept in a wide range of drilling services for foundational projects.

For contractors that don’t have access to the foundation drilling and construction equipment they need, Waikato Post Ramming can provide the machinery and complete the task for them. Their team of specialists is highly knowledgeable and experienced inoperating foundation construction machinery such as tractors and excavators.

Waikato Post Ramming’s specialists are some of the most skilled and efficient drilling contractors in Waikato. The company offers a wide range of services including pile driving and retaining wall construction. As a team, their goal is toward customer satisfaction and strengthening relationships withclients. They offer a customised service to make clients’ investment worthwhile.

Waikato Post Ramming can be contacted on 027 632 0853 or at Visit their website at to find out more about their services and view their gallery to see samples of their work.