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Wallace Cotton Unravels the Subtleties of Bed Sheet Thread Counts
Monday 12 February 2018, 7:50PM
By Beckie Wright

Thread count is a popular phrase in the bedroom manchester world – the higher the thread count, the better the quality of the sheets. But is this true? The experts from Wallace Cotton unravel the subtleties of thread counts to find out if paying attention to that number is actually worth it.

The short answer to the mystery is that high thread count is a good indicator of quality, but the type of yarn and weave will also affect the feel of a fabric, so thread count isn’t necessarily the deciding factor. Fabric is made by weaving vertical and horizontal yarns, and thread count just tells us how many threads have been used per square inch of fabric.

Take a 1000 thread count cotton sateen for example. It has approximately 500 yarns in each direction, so is much denser than calico, and requires very fine yarn resulting in a silky and luxurious sheet.  

So long as the yarn is of good quality, a higher thread count can mean better quality. The highest thread counts can only be woven from very fine yarns, which will make very luxurious feeling sheets (usually sateen weave). Percale, or square weave, fabric is usually only woven to about 400-500 thread count. These will have a crisper finish but also feel lovely and smooth against the skin.

When choosing a thread count, focus on how you like your sheets to feel. 200-300 thread count percale sheets are lovely and crisp. Both Wallace Cotton Heirloom Sheets (300 thread count) and Stonewashed Cotton Sheets (200 thread count) are perfect for everyday use in the home. However, if you want that 5 start luxury, hotel quality bed sheet, then aim for 600-1000 thread count sateen.

If your chosen cotton bed sheets have a higher thread count, that doesn’t automatically make them great to sleep on, so make sure to also focus on yarn quality and how the sheets feel on your skin.

Wallace Cotton is a New Zealand brand that sells high-quality bed linen online through their dedicated UK website. They produce bed sheets with beautiful, unique designs and outstanding quality, as well as other homeware accessories such as square pillowcases.

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