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Sleep Better This Summer with Luxurious Wallace Cotton Sheets
Monday 12 February 2018, 9:27PM
By Beckie Wright

This summer has not been easy on us Kiwis, with sweltering temperatures and shocking humidity levels permeating even our bedrooms at night. To help you sleep comfortably these warm summer nights, Wallace Cotton have a beautiful range of natural cotton and linen sheets perfect for your home.

We all know that a good night’s sleep is essential to our wellbeing, but Kiwis nationwide are finding it hard to get that ever-elusive deep and restorative sleep. Wallace Cotton work with a range of high-quality fabrics that give avid sleeping fans plenty of choices to get that deep and restorative sleep.

One of their most luxurious sheets, the Wallace Cotton Imperial bed sheets are made from cotton sateen, boasting a 1000 thread count. Both the quality of the fabric and the sheet’s thread count work together making it far superior to any other sheet with the same thread count. The Imperial sheets provide a thick, soft and silky-smooth feeling that are perfect for lounging in on balmy summer mornings, and a trusty customer favourite.

Another great sheet set is Wallace Cotton’s Monarch Sheets, woven at a 750 thread count from 100% cotton sateen. They are smooth and silky with a lustrous finish, giving that soft 5-star luxury hotel feeling.

Whenever possible, Wallace Cotton produce bed linen from organic cotton, so their organic bed sheets produce a natural cooling effect on the skin. It’s no secret that natural fibres are best to sleep in during hot summer nights. Sheets made of natural instead of synthetic materials are the most breathable and wick away perspiration, keeping you cool and dry.

Not only that, Wallace Cotton produce bed sheets with exclusive designs, making it easy to choose high-quality bed sheets that will complement your home. They have a broad range of light-coloured sheets that reflect instead of absorb light, making your bed a cool haven for the most comfortable night’s sleep.

Get a good night’s sleep this summer by shopping amazing bed linen sheets from the Wallace Cotton website today, and enjoy further reductions on their amazing summer sale! INDEX