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Protect Your Investment With Meth Testing New Zealand's Meth Management Plan
Tuesday 13 February 2018, 4:48PM
By Beckie Wright

Meth Testing New Zealand’s meth management plan is designed to help prevent and protect your investment from tenants who may cause chemical contamination from smoking or making methamphetamine.  
The tenant can be made  aware the property is meth-managed and will be sampled at the end of their tenancy. If traces are found, the tenant can be held  responsible for the damages and costs involved to return the property back to the original state and their names will be put on the tenancy tribunal register.  

Due diligence is an important aspect with rental properties, and insurance companies agree. If a property is meth managed and your insurer is advised the policy can be adjusted to cover meth contamination. You can protect yourself by preventing legal recourse from tenants being supplied unsafe rentals. 

You can also establish a timeline of contamination for tenancy tribunal. A certified sampler will collect samples from all areas of the property and document the process. Photos of the samples are taken and a site survey is completed. The samples are then sent to an independent laboratory, with IANZ accreditation.

A consultant will give you a call and discuss the result, following with an email including a written report, which documents all the information required to complete an evidential process that may need to follow.

Meth Testing New Zealand use full laboratory type testing using a Meth Screening test, and their meth management plans are consistent, accurate, repeatable and evidential. For full tenancy support, Meth Testing New Zealand can help with expertise and consultation on issues during tenancy tribunal. They offer cost effective solutions that do not require 'meth detectors' that are easily fooled, do not in fact detect meth usage and still require meth testing of the property after an event.

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