Pasta School A Big Buzz For Goode Brothers

Monday 19 March 2018, 8:17PM
By Beckie Wright

Goode food is food that you make with your hands, fresh like grandma used to make. It is also tasty and ‘goode’ for you because you know what you have put in it. What you choose to put in your mouth is one of the final freedoms you truly have, but it can also make you feel ‘goode’. All you have to do is make sure it’s ‘goode’.

For just $90 per couple, you will learn to make pasta from dough which you can take home with you, and how to make and match delicious sauces. After you have had an evening full of fun, and learning how to make pasta from scratch, you will be able to enjoy a sit down pasta dinner and glass of wine for you and your cooking partner – delicioso!

Classes run for approximately 90 minutes from 7pm on a Tuesday at New Lynn and every first Monday of the month at Botany, with availability subject to the minimum number of bookings, with a maximum of 10 people. Please note, when making a booking online, please specify the Monday or Tuesday you'd like to attend and someone from Goode Brothers will get back to you with availability.

This exciting offer is not currently available at NorthWest, and pre-payment required for Botany.

Goode Brothers are continuing with their now famous “All You Can Eat Spag Bol” Sundays. It's been one of Italy's most debated controversies- but no matter which way you slice it, dice it or chop it up it's been our favourite childhood dish since, forever. That's why every Sunday Goode Brothers are giving you and the family all the spaghetti bolognese you can dream of. So roll up your sleeves and tuck in your napkin for this truly kiwitalian experience!

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