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Innovative Security Technology From Edgesmith
Monday 16 April 2018, 6:23PM
By Beckie Wright

Advanced Electronic Solutions are a multi award winning UK based specialist manufacturer of high quality wireless and GSM intercom systems, and innovation in design and technology lie at the heart of their product offering.

GSM Intercom systems for gates allow the intercom to call your mobile phone, as well as calling your home phone, all with the added benefit of no range limits! All you need is mobile phone coverage.

Wireless Gate Video intercoms can now be offered in WiFi technology. These intercoms simply connect to the home owner's WiFi network, and make video calls to multiple android and iphone or ipad devices at the same time! Constructed from brushed stainless steel, finished with gloss black toughened acrylic trim, AES intercoms not only look great, but they are tough and weather resilient. AES also offer multi-apartment GSM intercoms which can address up to 500 apartments, perfect for tower blocks and flats.

This month Edgesmith are highlighting the 4G Video Intercom which they have as a new product. 4G is a version of the fastest growing AES product, the Predator Video. The Intercom connects to 4G network with 4G compatible SIM (not included), and there is no need for Wi-Fi connectivity. It is totally independent from your home.

The 4G Video Intercom comes with an easy plug and play setup, with the same App as the Wi-Fi version. You simply connect both devices, together via Ethernet cable, which is supplied, connect the power and log on with provided credentials. It comes complete with 24v dc PSU (for the intercom), and POE adaptor (for the modem), giving 100 calls per ½ Gb of data (based on 30 second calls).

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