Panasonic announces 4K camcorders and Full-HD camcorder flagship model

Tuesday 17 April 2018, 11:35AM
By Lassoo

Panasonic has launched three camcorders (HC-WXF1M / HC-VX1 / HC-V800) which feature a new sensor and lens for significantly improved image quality even under dim lighting. Each of the new camcorders offers exceptional optical performance such as a wide-angle 25mm and 24x optical zoom lens and achieves quick and accurate focusing for both 4K and Full-HD to enhance the AF function critical in video shooting.

The new additions to Panasonic’s extensive portfolio of high-quality video cameras are designed to suit the needs of all users ranging from video enthusiasts wanting 4K video quality to users wanting to record treasured family moments as impressive images.

All three camcorders (HC-WXF1M / HC-VX1 / HC-V800) feature:

4K Premium image quality
F1.8 lens
BSI MOS Sensor to improve low-light shooting performance by 70%
24 x zoom which ranges from 25mm wide angle to 600mm telephoto
New Hybrid O.I.S which reduces blur caused by hand-shake particularly during zoom to enable recording of clear images even in high-powered 24x optical zooming
Image sensor with 60-fps/50-fps readout and the precise focus lens drive to provide superior focusing speed, stability and tracking performance
Active contrast for low-contrast scenes and back-lit situations to provide sharp and clear images
Cinema-like such, as Slow Motion video feature
Wireless Multi-Camera for simultaneous Recording


The HC-WXF1M and HC-VX1 provide camera performance without compromise with stunning features also, including:

Wide-angle setting which fits a large group of people and background into the frame, which is convenient for recording selfies with the rotatable LCD
4K cropping
Slow Zoom, Slow Motion Video, and Dolly Zoom


More advanced users will be impressed with the HC-WXF1M stunning cinema video recorder quality effects:

64GB of internal memory
Tiltable viewfinder to capture the subject accurately under any conditions
Manual Ring to allow professional-like, fast ring operation for fine running of the focus, iris and zoom
Twin Camera feature with a pan/tilt sub-camera on the edge of the LCD monitor which allows simultaneous recording of images from two different angles. Also provided are a Narration mode that emphasizes the camera user's voice and a backup function which simultaneously records images without the sub-window.


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