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Attention To Detail Is A Top Priority For Both Select Cleaning And Their Customers
Wednesday 16 May 2018, 5:33PM
By Beckie Wright

It is extremely important to all of us, that when we  invite a cleaner into our home, that we can completely trust that they will treat our home with the same respect that we do ourselves. This is why, selecting a cleaner from Select Cleaning means that you will be getting a house cleaner who you can rely on to meet all your expectations.

As home cleaning specialists, Select Cleaning know the importance of attention to detail, and their cleaners definitely do not take short cuts. At Select Cleaning they also remember the little things that make all the difference. For example, their customers appreciate their cleaners’ efforts to put their items carefully back in their original position when they’ve cleaned, which is particularly important to their older clients.  You can also expect your taps to be polished until they shine. And yes, when you have your house cleaned by Select Cleaning’s cleaners, they do make sure they get the mop right into the corners of the kitchen floor.

Select Cleaning’s specific hygiene procedures are very strick, and every one of their Auckland cleaners is committed to adhering to them at all times. Just for one example, when your house is cleaned by a Select Cleaning cleaner, bathroom cleaning equipment is never used elsewhere in the house.

Similarly, the use of colour coded cloths for different parts of the house gives you added protection, and only fresh cloths are used to clean every customer’s home. Select Cleaning we don’t believe in taking short cuts, and provide a regular domestic cleaning service to a consistently high standard. They now have hundreds of delighted customers Auckland wide, and their goal continues to be to offer a great service, every time. Nothing else will do.

Every one of their professional house cleaners has first passed their comprehensive training programme, under the tuition of their Training Manager. The Select Cleaning training programme forms an integral part of their service to customers, and they regard it as well worth the time and resources involved. As they say, “There is no substitute for days of one-on-one individual training.”

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