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DrainageTV Offer A Diverse Range of Services
Wednesday 16 May 2018, 7:44PM
By Beckie Wright

Covering all areas of work, from Works Over Inspections, new drainage inspections, subdivisions, private house drainage inspections for subdivisions or Cross Lease sites, and general private drainage inspection for blockages, DrainageTV provide a very diverse range of services, with their large range of cameras.

DrainageTV can cover all your CCTV inspections, but they also provide many other services and have experience in air conditioning ducts, spa pool lines, super yacht inspections and electricity ducts, to name just a few. Another area where they have experience is in getting rid of roots, which are blocking drains. Roots from trees and shrubs can often cause blockages and damage to pipe and drainage systems and Drainage TV’s equipment allows them to cut through all types of roots to get your pipes back in business in no time.

Another area of expertise is their smoke testing service, which can identify inflow sources, cross connections and defects in sewer and storm water pipelines. A non-toxic smoke is forced into the pipelines, which then escapes via cracks, connections and vent pipes which enables them to identify defects within the drainage system.

Examples of some of the inspections Drainage TV have completed are checking the condition of private drainages, locating and marking out private drainage, inspection of water tanks to identify issues and they have CCTV to provide ‘as built’ for councils. To get a clear image in the smallest of locations, Drainage TV’s mini camera provides colour pictures and LCD lighting for pipes as small as 25 mm. Drainage TV Ltd have also been known to pull up shower traps to locate wedding rings or other lost objects.

Drainage TV Ltd are best known for their professional CCTV drainage inspections for surveyors, architects, housing companies, home buyers, home owners, builders and drain layers, and as Auckland’s CCTV drain inspection specialists they are the most professional and efficient in this field in Auckland.

They now have four vans operating full time, covering the Huntly to Omaha area, so for more information on drain inspections, works over and smoke testing please go to . INDEX