Goode Brothers Have Some Great Winter Specials

Thursday 28 June 2018, 7:28PM
By Beckie Wright

Goode Brothers have some great winter specials, and as they explain, “Our goode mates at Monteith's are turning a mighty 150 this year. We reckon that calls for a bit of a celebration, so come into any Goode Brothers and receive a 1.8L jug of Monteith's Golden nectar for just $20. We'll cheers to that!

As well, if you are looking for more great winter deals, how about $13.50 pasta every Monday and Tuesday? Goode Brothers bring you goode pasta at a great price all day Monday and Tuesday. From fettuccine, linguini and fusilli pasta to penne, gnocchi and spagetti, you can have your way, the goode way. Choose from any traditional sauce like chicken and stuffed green olives in a creamy sun-dried tomato pesto or ricotta, chorizo, pepitas and spinach with lemon olive oil - it's really up to you.

Goode Brothers gives you perfect pizza at an even better price every Monday and Tuesday. This offer is available all day, and you can choose from any of their four perfectly cooked, traditional pizzas from the much loved Margherita with juicy tomatoes and fresh basil to the Pesto Chicken with delicious basil pesto, fresh tomato and aioli. Make it a goode day, enjoy one of their perfect pizzas today.

At Goode Brothers, they love goode movies almost as much as they love goode food, which is super handy because every Wednesday night, they will give you two adult movie tickets and a pizza from just $35. At that price, it's better value for money than any other day of the week to go to the cinemas and, best of all, the tickets are valid for six months, so even if there's nothing on you want to see at the moment, there's no reason you can't still go down, enjoy a deliciously goode pizza and save your tickets for later. What a goode deal that is!

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