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Claris Group Explains How Melanomas Can be Found in Very Unusual Places
Tuesday 10 July 2018, 12:07PM
By Beckie Wright

Believe it or not, the following areas can be affected by melanoma; eyes, bowel, brain, genitals and even the bottom of your feet! They are connected with genetic mutations, and at the Claris Group clinic they see primary melanomas arising from these areas, manifesting in the skin as cutaneous melanoma metastasis etc.

At the Claris Group clinic, their skin checks begin with a detailed overview of your skin, focusing on your main areas of concern. This is followed by a thorough head-to-toe examination of your skin with a dermatoscope. Full Body Photography and full mole digital analysis of moles and lesions are recorded with their Dermengine software technology and FotoFinder ATMB system.

If a mole is found to be suspicious they will proceed to scan the mole with their mole scan device using their MoleMate SIMSYS advance technology, and they

will clearly explain any findings, and recommend the best course of action going forward. They will also educate you on the self-examination of your skin – a skill that could potentially save your life.

Claris Group clinic is ideal for following up on moles, even people with a minimal mole count and at minimal risk. It is also ideal for children between the ages of 12 and 15 years.

MoleMate SIMSYS advanced diagnostic technology scans moles for early signs of skin cancer. The device emits light which interacts with all the layers of the skin providing detailed information of each layer and accurate information on suspicious moles. The scans are safe, painless and provides answers within minutes, and they can be used for comparison with future skin checks. The technology is FDA approved and is widely used in Australia and across the globe, with clinical trials showing impressive results, so for more information on mole checks, skin clinics and skin specialists please go to . INDEX