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Jenlogix Partner With Red Wolf High Level Monitoring
Tuesday 7 August 2018, 7:17PM
By Beckie Wright

Jenlogix Ltd have partnered with Red Wolf High Level Monitoring to provide the option of seismic monitoring for domestic customers, a first in the Wellington region. Jenlogix and Red Wolf have supplied seismic monitoring hardware and services to Government and commercial clients since late 2014, and are about to develop solutions directly focused on the domestic market. Current commercial and Government clients include Kiwi Rail, Meridian Energy, Trust Power, Hutt Valley DHB, Callaghan Innovation, and many local councils.

The domestic offering will enable clients to purchase a Palert seismometer for their home and connect it to their home alarm system. This data feed will be added to the growing number of commercial and domestic Palerts in the region - which is all for the greater good. Subscribers will see all other commercial and domestic subscribers and ground acceleration information on shake maps, all within 40 seconds of the quake.

One feature that Red Wolf Business Development Manager Conan Hunt says will be of interest to his Wellington customer base, is the early warning capability of the Palert system. The Early Warning System (EEWS) is based, like all EEW systems, on the displacement of the first wave or P-wave of the earthquake. The P-wave travels approximately twice as fast as the S-wave or destructive wave, and it is this time difference that is utilized to provide EEW. In Taiwan where they have been designed and successfully used for several years, one major project was providing earthquake warning for over 600 Taiwanese schools. EEWS gives teachers and pupils precious seconds to prepare for a quake. The same EEWS/P-wave algorithm is used in the National EEWS in Taiwan.

In his own personal experience during the 2016 Kaikoura earthquake, Mr Hunt said he and his young family had 19 seconds warning of the S-Wave arriving. The Palert was connected to a chirp zone on his Red Wolf home alarm which provided the crucial warning time to move his family to the ‘safe’ zone in their Wellington south coast home. The Palert also feeds his earthquake data live to Jenlogix Shake Map servers hosted by Red Wolf. The shake maps are produced and emailed within 40 seconds of an earthquake and provide clear visibility of areas in the region most affected… so that you can stay away!

The system is not intended to replace Civil Defence’s authority in the area of disaster warnings, but is well proven, widely used earthquake warning technology that can be used for the home and can be integrated with existing alarm systems to enhance personal safety and knowledge.

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