Protect Your Commercial Property with FenceLab Gates

Friday 28 September 2018, 1:33PM
By Beckie Wright

Steel Fence and Gate experts FenceLab says commercial property owners know the importance of onsite security that is essential to protect assets, keep team members safe and discourage unwanted people from entering the site. The company has a range of gates and fences products available that are can work in public spaces like schools and parks, multi-apartment residences, and for infrastructure projects such as roading, services and subdivisions.

FenceLab says a robust security fence is the first line of defence, and one with a good height of 2.5 meters is ideal. Spiked or pointed ones with vertical rails add extra protection. The company has a range of security fences and depending on the type of property and the level of protection customers can choose between panels, mesh, palisade and razor wire.

FenceLab has 11 styles available – each one can be customised to the usage. The Lennox, for example, has chunky tubular aluminium school panels and gates that are strong and ideal for child care centres. For durability and compliance in infrastructure projects such as roading, subdivisions and services steel raking panel Boss is the ultimate one size fits all solution.

FenceLab’s designer showroom inspires creativity, invites customer-product interaction and provides a unique experience for designers, engineers and installers to bring along their ideas, spend time perusing their range and then sit down with one of the technical support team to make projects a reality. Their FenceGarden displays at Silverdale and East Tamaki give clients the opportunity to experience a full range of panel designs first-hand. Each panel is displayed with the standard available specs so clients can look, feel and imagine the finished perimeter design all before they commit to an order.  

Automated gates from FenceLab come with clean straight lines and invisible welds are the signature of our fabricators. They use the best European hardware and automation to make the gate run smooth and fast. An automated gate makes any public space more convenient, as it offers better security. 

FenceLab is determined to create pioneering design in a timeless form using innovative and sustainable materials. Thanks to pure craftsmanship, courage and research, the seemingly impossible is made possible.

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