For Glazing & Renovation Projects Contact Eco Door & Windows

Tuesday 2 October 2018, 12:26PM
By Beckie Wright

Eco Doors & Windows offer building and renovation projects for homes that involve framing, wall alterations, double glazing and cladding installation. Catering to the Wellington region the company also specialises in u-PVC door profiles that is great for a warm, safe, clean and quiet home.

The company offers free quotes, be it a complete glazing system or renovation projects for the home and commercial buildings. They offer completely customised solutions for new builds and renovations, from energy-efficient windows and doors, to ventilation and shading solutions. Unlike many suppliers, they don’t just deliver the product and leave – they are available for customers for advice and support throughout their building journey.

Government agency Energywise says double glazing is a way of creating an insulating gas layer - either normal air or special heavy gases - between two panes of glass. It lets in as much sunlight as single-glazed windows, but is better at holding in heat. Double glazing is standard in most new houses but it's also worth installing in existing homes if your existing windows require substantial repairs or replacing. 

For best performance Energywise recommends frames that have a thermal break or are made of insulating materials - a plastic or resin section in the centre of the aluminium joinery or frames made from an insulating material, such as uPVC or wood. These are less likely to attract condensation and will lose less heat than windows with standard aluminium frames. Compared to standard aluminium frames, thermally broken aluminium frames reduce window heat loss by about 20% and uPVC or wooden frames by about 40%.

Eco Doors & Windows know that many New Zealand houses do not meet that standard and their aim is to get homes comfortable, energy efficient and healthy. Their knowledge and hands-on experience with market-leading German engineering means they are uniquely placed to help architects, designers, builders and homeowners achieve these goals without compromising on design.

Because they are so passionate about leading the charge toward eco-friendly, efficient homes, they also keep up with sustainable technology. Eco Doors & Windows specialises in German engineered u-PVC glazing systems.

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