Internet Solutions Provider CyberCom Stress The Importance of Email List Cleaning

Tuesday 9 October 2018, 3:32PM
By Beckie Wright

Given recent mistakes with email security and email lists by both NZ politicians and diplomats, Auckland-based internet and Wi-Fi solutions provider CyberCom are stressing the importance of email list cleaning for email marketers, and of using tools like their email checker ListWise to make sure that marketing emails are only going to the right places, and that email lists don’t contain duplicates, spam traps, or any other accounts that aren’t likely to read or respond to emails.

ListWise is a simple and accurate email verifier that intelligently cleans lists by removing all invalid emails, duplicates and potential bounces, leaving users with a clean, fresh list that’s ready to be used for email marketing campaigns. ListWise’s promise is to verify every email in every list that’s uploaded, while also automatically correcting any obvious typos that might cause a problem when it comes time to send out emails.

The benefits of email list cleaning are numerous for digital and email marketers, as a clean email list will prevent campaigns being paused or stopped due to a high bounce rate, and will stop users’ email servers from being mistakenly blacklisted as spam. Although previously it may have been a hassle for email marketers to clean their lists and reap these benefits, ListWise makes it easy to validate lists in bulk or via API, and to download cleaned lists and start using them again.

ListWise offers both pre-paid and monthly plans for users: it’s possible to clean a list of up to 10,000 emails for only $60 with a pre-paid plan, whereas monthly plans start at only $55 to clean the same number of emails every month.

To get started cleaning up to 100 emails for free, visit ListWise online at, and from there find out all about CyberCom’s other email services and flagship marketing offerings – easy-to-use email marketing platform MaxMail, and text messaging marketing service Texta.