Ilse Evans of Harcourts Cites The Block Houses Sales as a Good Barometer of the Changing Market

Friday 19 October 2018, 5:22PM
By Beckie Wright

A top seller in the North Shore property market with the experience, expertise and happy clients to back her numerous accolades, Ilse Evans is the agent of choice for selling your Takapuna property during these unique conditions, and is in the ideal position to back up her contention that the statistics on The Block houses sales are a good barometer of the changing market.

The houses that won previous seasons of The Block reaped big numbers when they went to auction but what are they worth now? After the finale of The Block Season 7, OneRoof took a look at the estimated values of the Auckland properties that featured on previous seasons of the reality TV show. 

They discovered that most of the winning homes have seen value growth since they first appeared on the show - the two exceptions being the houses that won Block seasons four and five, and they contend that this year's Block contestants will struggle to see a profit - and some may even end up making a loss.

As Auckland's property market continues to slow, data analysis suggests the teams are unlikely to sell their renovated properties above current market value.

The combined auction profits for the 2017 season of The Block NZ, which took place in Northcote Pt, plunged more than 93 percent on the previous year, where contestants working on homes in the inner-city suburb of Meadowbank reaped close to $1 million in profits.

Profits on the show have largely mirrored the gains in the market, with profits starting to rise rapidly at the start of the property boom in 2014 and reaching a peak in 2016 just before measures intended to cool the market took effect, and the drop in last year's profits coincided with the beginning of a slowdown in Auckland's housing market.

Ilse will always give you good, old-fashioned, honest advice for any of your real estate queries, and she strives to guide vendors to understand the changing market, in this case using The Block statistics as a barometer, so for more information on Harcourts Takapuna, real estate agents Takapuna and selling my house please visit the website at .