Crown Institute of Studies Closes Landmark Partnership with Ramada

Friday 19 October 2018, 7:33PM
By Beckie Wright

Wyndham Group recently announced the completion a partnership between Crown Institute of Studies and Ramada. This partnership will see Crown students sent to Ramada hotels across New Zealand to practice their profession in an actual working environment.

Crown’s partnership with Wyndham is hugely beneficial to their students enrolled in their tourism and hospitality courses. Wyndham has a reputation for being one of the leading international accommodation companies, with over 8,000 properties spread across 73 countries. Crown students that study in Auckland will have access to Ramada hotels in Auckland, Queenstown, and other population centres.

The internship has already been put into practice. Beatrice Leung, a student from Crown, has benefited from the partnership already, mentored by full-time Ramada employee Imogen Larkins. It is expected that Beatrice Leung will complete the internship and return to Crown with more than just the experience in tow.

Crown students are looking at a fruitful future with this partnership. Ramada is also looking to expand, and with Wyndham’s groups of hotels all over the world, Crown students are looking at an opportunity to work all over globe.

Crown has established itself for forty years in the industry. This is just one of the many reasons why Wyndham felt comfortable with the partnership. Crown has an excellent Travel and Tourism programme which is pleasing to a hotel group like Ramada in their drive to provide excellent service to customers; they, in turn, will have an entire crop of future applicants who are already familiar with their brand of service.

More details are expected to be revealed as the partnership between Ramada and Crown moves beyond the initial stage. However, both parties appear to be content with what they stand to expect from each other from the partnership.

Crown provides an excellent opportunity to study and work in New Zealand, and then around the globe. For more information on their programmes, visit today.