Urbano Interiors Presents Chesterfield Sofa-styled Natuzzi Collections

Wednesday 31 October 2018, 10:23PM
By Beckie Wright

The exterior first impression of a home is important, but it’s the inside where you spend the most time. Fortunately, Urbano Interiors’ latest designer furniture in Auckland makes upmarket interior furnishing accessible.

Let’s start off with the Natuzzi Editions B988, a 2-seater leather sofa made with soft, Italian aged leather. The frame is perfectly scaled and proportioned, making it a stylish addition to any setting. Whether the home is a newly-built house or a refurbished classic, this sofa will integrate perfectly. Optionally, two single-seaters or side tables complete the set.

The Natuzzi Editions B8583L 3-seater, meanwhile, is decked in dark brown, best-selling Natuzzi leather, with the highest leather grade set at 30. It is a great addition to homes with a simple living room, or a complement to sophisticated, wood-panelled living rooms. It can be complemented with the Natuzzi Editions chair B908, which has the same high style and fashion-forward lines, all within a price range that’s comfortable for any budget.

The Natuzzi Editions 9231 model is a sophisticated-looking chair similar to the B908. This chair, however, is upholstered in an elegant-looking white leather. It is available in grade 10 leather, and fits in a variety of décor schemes.

Compare with the Natuzzi Editions B988, which is a fabric chair done like a classic chesterfield sofa. Combined with a modern square arm and low back design, it makes for a stunning choice for a newly established home.

No matter what kind of home you’ve made, Urbano Interiors has furnishing for you. Take a look at our collections by visiting this link: