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High Praise From the Owners of a Re-cladding Project From DC Builders

Friday 30 November 2018, 9:40PM
By Beckie Wright

DC Builders recently completed a re-cladding project in Rothesay Bay for Sharon and Trevor Brown, and when asked why they chose DC Builders, Sharon replied, “We actually saw that DC was working on the homes of two of our neighbours, and we liked the way they were efficient and everything seemed to run very smoothly. We found Mel great to deal with”. During the renovation project they had the upstairs cladded, which meant new joinery and double-glazing. “As that was so successful, we decided to go ahead and do the kitchen, extend the deck and do the bathroom, so it turned out to be a big job.”

“We started off with an initial proposal, and then we changed and added things and Mel discussed it with us and came up with a final proposal.” Sharon added, “Probably I had the most to do with Mel on a day to day basis on what we needed to get done. Just the flow of work and contractors, and people coming in on site – everything just flowed really well. We couldn’t have asked for a better outcome really”.

As Trevor says, “There were a couple of things we had specified, and DC came back to us and really helped us on that basis – they too ownership. The relationship was more than a builder and a client – we felt that we co-owned the project – it was good. The guy who ran the project, Jacob, was great and we had regular meetings with Mel to run through things and we always knew exactly what was happening.

When asked if they had any tips for people thinking of renovating, Trevor answered, “Allow for time for for council for getting permits and planning consents through; give the builder time for that, and be clear”. Sharon said, “You have to move out of a project if you’re renovating. It gives the builders more space to do work, without you being under their feet.”

Sharon finally said, “You know, they just go that little bit further than you expect of any builder. Always a smile on their face, and if anything was an issue, they made it seem easy.” And Trevor concluded, “I’d recommend them, and because of the way they carried out the job, we probably made a few firm friends out of it, and we’ll keep in touch with them now – good people!”

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