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Greet Customers the Right Way, With Hurdley's Custom Built Reception Counters

Monday 3 December 2018, 2:01PM
By Beckie Wright

For some, the reception desk is the heart of the business. All office furniture is important, but the reception counter is crucial. Variously a control centre, a point of welcome, and a point of departure, the reception at your business is crucial to the flow of comings and goings.

It forms a pivotal part of how customers and clients interface with your business. It’s a work-space for your receptionist, as they direct the flow of communication to where it needs to go. So, it pays to get it right, once.

Hurdley’s Office Furniture are no strangers to the unique demands of reception. That’s why, when they build bespoke, tailored custom built counters, they take everything a business needs into account. Whether you are after a simple design, or something more complex, Hurdley’s has the ability to accommodate. That includes understanding intimately the brand of your business, and the impression that needs to be served when customer’s work through the door.

Additionally, Hurdley’s understand the occupational demands of reception work intimately. For example, unlike traditional desks, which may be clustered together, reception counters often stand alone, facing towards customers, clients or patrons. They traditionally have a raised counter top, to address individuals over. When you turn to an office furniture supplier like Hurdley’s you can rest easy, assured that they know what reception counters need.

Whether you are in the process of outfitting a new office space, or simply need a new, custom reception counter for your office, Hurdley’s Office Furniture can help you get what you need. Their custom reception counters are made in New Zealand, and can address any visual or occupational needs of your business. Get a quote today here