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Art Bureau Feature Rebecca Tune & Anna Leyland

Monday 3 December 2018, 7:11PM
By Beckie Wright

Highly talented New Zealand artist Rebecca Tune is not afraid to experiment with her work, using a variety of techniques and mediums to great effect. Rebecca has won the Mt Eden Young Artist Award twice and has featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions, and runs a successful graphic design business in Auckland.

As Rebecca says, “My work is all about colour, texture and layers. I don’t like to call myself an abstract artist. I don’t like to define my work at all. My work is about a journey, both for myself as the creator, and for the viewer. As I am creating I allow the painting to grow and develop with a loose idea in mind, but then I like to draw the viewer in closer to the work to discover those smaller pockets on interest. It gives the viewer time. Time to think, to ponder, and to become involved with the work. Escapism. There is always something new to discover”.

Similarly, Anna Leyland is a contemporary New Zealand artist with a growing following across the country. Anna creates giclee prints and metallic foil screen prints from original, hand-painted canvases with beautiful precision and composition. Her works celebrate the beauty of what she sees around her and the multiculturalism of Aotearoa, through captivating pattern and symbolism.

Earlier this year Anna participated in Auckland’s Big Hoot charity fundraiser designing one of the giant owls for the Big Hoot Art Trail on Auckland streets. She has exhibited in over 30 Art Exhibitions since 2001, and completed stunning commissions for Nespresso, Orcon, Auckland City Council and most recently Sofitel Queenstown.

Anna explains, “My design background has greatly influenced my style, and although many believe my works are digital illustrations; they are original, hand-painted canvases. I enjoy setting myself the challenge in such a technological age of creating something hands-on, visually impacting and geometrically technical using old-school methods of tape, rulers and hundreds of tiny measurements.

Handpainting my patterns also references the traditional method of creating Melanesian Tapa cloths; Fijian, Wallisian and Futunaan Tapa were all handpainted with beautiful, symmetrical intricacy”.

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