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All Round Safety Compare & Contrast Chemical Suits

Thursday 6 December 2018, 7:44PM
By Beckie Wright

This month All Round Safety are specifically looking at two chemical suits which, on the surface, look quite similar but when we delve a bit deeper, highlight the importance of being clear about what you’re protecting against and how the suits are intended to be used.

For example, the Microgard 2300 Plus suit is an entry level Type 3 chemical protective coverall for workers involved with environmental clean-up, general industrial and chemical handling applications. The fabric is comprised of a polyethylene (PE) barrier coating with a bio-component non-woven inner layer.

Designed to provide a barrier against a wide range of harmful chemicals while being lightweight and relatively durable. Design features include finger loops to stop arms riding up and zip flap with self-adhesive tape.

Applications: Environmental clean-up, sewage purification installations; industrial and chemical manufacturing; industrial cleaning.

Seam technology: Stitched and taped seams

The Microchem 3000 suit is one of the lightest and most comfortable chemical protective materials on the market today. This durable 3 layer fabric provides and extremely effective barrier against both inorganic chemicals and biological hazards. The multi-layer barrier fabric is effective against numerous chemicals.

High visibility yellow colour improves worker visibility and safety. Light weight, yet durable fabric is more comfortable to wear.Anti-static – Tested according to EN 1149-5.

Dual zip and double cuffs offer additional protection. Applications include chemical handling, oil and petrochemical industries, pharmaceutical, caustic cleaning, sewage purification installations, industrial tank cleaning and mining.

While both suits offer similar protection levels it is clear that the Microchem 3000 will protect against a much wider array of chemicals, is physically stronger making it more suitable in areas where abrasion may occur and can be re-used multiple times, so despite the higher upfront cost it will prove better value if the suit is intended to be worn more than once.  

On the other hand the Microgard 2300 plus is lighter weight making it more comfortable to wear and considerable cheaper, making it more economical if the suit is to be disposed of after each use.

Which suit is best for your job will depend on a range of factors, not just price.  Before you make a decision on something as important as chemical safety, make sure you understand the facts first, and for more information on cut resistant gloves NZ, safety vests NZ and safety signs please go to .