Jenlogix to Attend San Lien Conference in Taipei in 2019

Friday 21 December 2018, 12:30PM
By Beckie Wright

San Lien Technology have invited Jenlogix to the 2019 Climate Impact Monitoring Solution conference (CIMS)  in Taipei, Taiwan, March 13th and 14th at Shangri La’s Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Taipei. Because of the joint-acquisition of Siap + Micros by San Lien and OSMOS, this will not be only CIMS. 
This will include some sessions NOT related to CIMS and more of attendees will belong to geotechnical aspects.

Climate and weather conditions impact our daily lives, our societies, our economies and our infrastructures, and San Lien is proud to announce the acquisition of SIAP+Micros, an Italian leader in meterological, hydrological and environmental monitoring company by joining forces with OSMOS, a subsidiary of the French EREN Group. The full acquisitions of SIAP + Micros represent a key milestone in the development of OSMOS, and San Lien, as it will not only provide solutions and expertise in environmental monitoring, but also expand the established network at the international level.

From this successful acquisition San Lien are continuing to grow and transform. They are looking forward to building a brighter future with all their customers, and are honoured to hold the Climate Impact Monitoring Solutions (CIMS)  to exchange ideas, share experiences, discover opportunities and cherish the hard work they have completed with these customers.

This conference will inspire San Lien even more as they look forward to expanding internationally.

Invitees are asked to respond to the invitation, indicating their interest in participating and who their presenter will be. They will be hosting nine sections of case studies, and applicants are welcome to sign up for all sections. San Lien will host a welcome dinner and cocktail party on the evening of 12th March. They are also offering an optional tour of Juifen, a beautiful village of historical importance, with details on the registration form.

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